Gen Next

Take part in the focus group what an amazing opportunity to be part of something GRAND shaping future for the next generation Australians.

UNSCRIPTED INTERVIEW  listen what the generation next had to say!
unscripted interview listen what the generation next had to say!
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Let’s discuss WTF – What’s the Future…

We are heading up a project called The Grand Student Survey – an initiative to enable, engage and embrace the young Generation on a pathway to the Future of Work.

Our objective is to listen, collaborate and get feedback from students, parents, educators & industry partners.

Through the collaboration and research, we will co-design a platform that enables connections, work experience opportunities and supports schools, innovation and business at the community level.

TGSS has been designed to spotlight important issues, such as;

💔 Disconnect

Between students, schools and industry partners

🎒 Students

Struggle to gain relevant work experience opportunities

🏫 School

Fulfil real-world experience opportunities

👪 Parents 

Informed and engaged in ever-changing industry demands

🏢 Organisation

Attract, retain and nurture the young talent pool

🏬 Industry

Support structured work experience program


Our Vision

Enable connections for the emerging young generation.

Our Mission

Promote skills and opportunities to undertake Future of Work


What are we doing to reach these goals…

We are listening to what the next global generation have to say – it is the largest generation ever, after all – comprising around 20% of Australia’s population.

This campaign is designed to have an open a dialogue – with a focus on you. We want to provide an opportunity to have your voice heard, have an opportunity to explain your worldview, and take hold of your future.

We are working alongside people who contribute to the empowerment of young Australians. Through collaboration, The Grand Student Survey Campaign is bought to new heights.

We welcome organisations and individuals who want to help us prepare for tomorrow by supporting future skills and experience today!

Examining current trend is a key component of changing the future for young Australians. We are looking at the data and statistics from the experts.

If you are a researcher or data hero, who has done amazing work – we would love to hear from you! Your contributions will help young Australians prepare for a better future.

Keep scrolling…

There are many more reasons why we have taken this initiative

Data published here will be available as open source – Licensed under a Creative Commons, free to share, copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format.

Current Hecs Debt

A report revealed the value of the HECS loan portfolio was projected to reach $185.2bn in 2026

Despite of their university degree

32% Grads
did not find full-time employment within four months of completing their degree

it takes an average of

4.7 years
to find full-time job post-graduation!
Source: FYA Report

In 2015, out of 11.3m employed

didn’t work in the field of their highest qualification
Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics


Work Experience
Big companies like Google, Apple, Ernst & Young, PriceWaterHouse and Ogilvy are now hiring people based on merit rather than credentials