January 24, 2018


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The Grand Student Survey, an opportunity for students, school and industry partners

Local startup leading a student-focused and driven campaign

BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA – Brisbane based tech startup company One Entity, along with local schools and industry key stakeholders are behind an up-and-coming campaign called The Grand Student Survey (TGSS). A call to incorporate more work experience opportunities for students, the digital survey is set to launch later this year.


“Our goal is to start a conversation with schools, students, and businesses about the need for more work experience opportunities,” says One Entity Director Dhawal Nayak. TGSS has been designed spotlight important issues, such as;

  • What Australian schools are doing about the increasing importance placed on gaining relevant work experience
  • The disconnect between schools and industry partners.
  • Why students struggle to gain relevant work experience.
  • Helping schools achieve real-world experience opportunities for their students
  • How can parents stay informed of ever-changing industry demands and career pathways?

By applying a collaborative approach, One Entity wants to design a platform which creates a safe and nurtured (filtered, sifted and identified) connection between school students and future employers where student’s strengths, interests and aspirations are identified and aligned with an opportunity/experience.


Degree requirements are giving way to relevant experience

Big companies like Google, Apple, Ernst & Young, Pricewaterhouse and Ogilvy are now hiring people based on merit rather than credentials reported by The Conversation.

Our goal is to empower young Australians by providing real work experience opportunities in the area of their interest. TGSS is on a mission to enable connections between students, schools, businesses and the community, by collectively working with schools and collaborating with local businesses and industry partners.


About TGSS

The Grand Student Survey (TGSS) was initiated to bring more work experience opportunities for students in Australia. The idea seasoned after an extensive research and speaking to educators in senior schooling.

The world is advancing faster than we could have ever imagined. As technology advances, new industries are born, the demand for all new skill sets will emerge. The next generation will be faced with experiences and opportunities that we had never dreamed of today. The Grand Student Survey entails question and answers – to help us define the current problems and future opportunities for emerging Australian students.


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